what is the Rhyme and Reason with FP deletes in Outlets?

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    would really love to know the secret, the secret code or just plain thinking behind the FP deletes in the Outlets

    Why do some of the bags get deleted then head straight to clearance section?

    why others get put in 30% section for awhile before they are clearanced out?

    what is the rhyme and reason behind this song and dance?

    just thinking coach should just offer more of a discount in the FP store to move the merchandise faster before it gets deleted.


  2. #2 Jan 31, 2010
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    IDK the answer to this, but COACH has only recently started doing this. In the not too recent past when FP bags were deleted, they were clearanced.

    The Madison (Sabrinas, Hobos, etc) & Penelope Collections were the first collections that I recall they priced for 30% off retail. I just figured that there were so many FP bags remaining in-stock from these popular collections that COACH didn't want to just give them away.

    The other thing I've thought about this is maybe this is COACH's way of sale pricing FP deletes, instead of actually having sales in the Boutiques(?).

    I'm sure there will be lots of theories on this issue, I'm curious to hear them, too!
  3. My guess is that Coach puts the FP deletes that they believe are in high demand and/or they have lesser quantities of (e.g. Sabrinas, Juliannes, Audreys, Maggies, Claires, etc.) on 30% off. Then they provide an extra 20% off from time to time so the bags are somewhere between 40% to 50% off retail. However, the FP deletes that aren't as in demand and/or they have greater quantities of, they put straight into 50% clearance. Add in the extra 20% off and a lot of the bags fly off the shelves thus eliminating the unwanted inventory.

    But what do I know? Anyone else have any theories?
  4. Great theories from everybody.

    I also noticed that there are less and less FP bag inventory at 30% off. They do not even make it to clearance and sometimes do not show up in stores again. So, I buy them and decide later if bag works for me.
  5. I can understand why the FP store wouldn't have marked down bags on the floor. The rest I can't comment on because I don't have an outlet.... YET I will in MARCH though!
  6. Well supposedly Coach is making less inventory so there will be less full price deletes at the outlet. Piling on to what LadyLibra said about boutique deletes in fewer supply, Coach must feel they can sell them at 30% (which they usually can).
  7. Great Question Peggle!!!!

    I asked one of the SAs at my outlet the other day and she didn't know why either!!!! It seems like the Garnets and a few of the Sabrinas came in and sat at 30% off!!!They are finally redlined. I remember the Green Patent Sabrina being 30% off forever! Then the Plum and Camel Patent came in and they were automatically redlined and clearanced and then the coupon!!! I was so hoping my Cranberry Sabrina was redlined but she was only 30% plus then the 20%! I guess that is better than FP. LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. This sounds sensible to me & would be my guess too. But with other bizarre Coach policies -... the letter, re-sellers, some people can buy in multiples, some can't, rotating coupon cycles, the forever return (but we don't really mean it), lack of sale online ordering, charge-send, charge-hold, charge stand-on-your-head, I fail to see why this policy would be logical.
  9. I know exactly what you're talking about!!

    At my outlet we had travel leather Sabrina's in clearance...yet the smaller versions were only 30% off full price. Both equalled out to be almost the same price!

    It's strange. But if you look at Coach's policies as a whole...nothing really makes sense from a consumer stand point. Like, for instance, if you are looking for a certain bag that has made its way to the outlet, and FP store happens to get one in--although it's no longer available at FP, they sell it to you FP...but if you find a FP returned to the outlet, you can snatch it up at outlet pricing.

    Confusing and frustrating!!
  10. I agree that the high demand FP delets are the ones that just go to 20-30% OFF. Look at how long Madison Sabrina etc were just 30% OFF!!!!

    It may also have something to do with HOW MANY of the bags they have?! If they have a $hit ton of them at JAX they need them to move fast, if they don't then they know they sold well AND that they can lightly discount them and still sell them!!!

    At my outlet none of this matters, the SA's snag the good bags, then the Coachies don't find what they want, they quit going back (like me) and then JAX cut's waaaaayyyy back on what they even send. I could truly see my outlet closing!!!!
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    i say clearance all the FP deletes, stop the madness with the changing prices

    its nuts.............the forever changing prices is NUTS, LOL

    clearance it and be done or they could do this, because it might work!

    offer the 30% in FP stop the 25% and give straight up 30% at FP and Jax,to everyone....... moving the stuff faster..

    then it wont be hitting the outlets ..if everyone thinks they wont find it at the outlets they will buy it before it is gone

    and when it is gone ....its gone,,,,, ( but we might have to deal with the over priced resellers on ebay for some items)

    that my 2cents
  12. Also at the outlets, What is with the MFF wallets and handbags - they bring them in and put them on "sale" for a certain price -
    Ex. MFF Zoe Wallet MSRP - $198 at the outlet a sign listing $149 then they have a sale sign of 30% off then coupon - ok
    Few weeks later - same Zoe wallet is $119 - no extra 30% off - then coupon
    Finally clearance - jacked back up to redline of $190 then 50% off then coupon if you are lucky!!!

    What is with that??????

    Just give us 50% off all the time and then a 30% coupon!!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:

  13. yeah what luvs said, LOL
  14. LuvsElvis you are so right..I don't get how they keep changing the prices! And to start with- whatever the MSRP on a MFF item is, it is NEVER sold at that price. Its very misleading thinking you are getting 50% off when really the item was never intended to sell for the MSRP price.
  15. What I really think is that the outlets should just give us 85% off and call it good!!! We are all diehard Coachies and they want us to carry their bag so give us a break!!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin: