What is the return policy at LV boutiques? 14 days then store credit?

actually i have a receipt from Macy's LV store and stamp on the back of it, it states

"Merchandise in saleable condition may be returned or exhanged within in 14 days of purchase at a Macy's store carrying Louis vuitton merchandise. Must have original proof of purchase."

That is what my receipt states.
well i was able to return a pochette accesories during the 14 day period and they credited my debit card. it's probably because it wasn't used and still in the box. :yes:
yeah for the xmas holiday they kind of act like the 14 day policy is no big deal. . . they say: "well, it will be a credit and I've yet to find someone who can not find something from LV"

if you think it might be a return situation, buy closest to xmas as you can.

Otherwise, yes it is a 14 days, as long as it is still in sellable condition, really not used.
So I am wondering right now too... what happens after 14 days at a regular store (not like Macys)? Store credit, or they can't help you at all (it's yours forever now)?
Also, all that is correct above.
YOU MUST USE your credit by one year of issue, and this is completely adhered to, one day late and all your money is gone :cursing: .
Refund within 14 days in your original form of payment, then store credit (valid for 1 year) after 14 days (and usually before 30 days) or exchange. Must have original sales receipt and items must not be used. (This was at an LV boutique)
^^^Yes....but, technically, they can refuse any return after 14 days, since that is their stated policy, but usully they will let you exchange or give you store credit after 14 days, but before 30.