What is the retail value on the shrug style?

  1. thinking about parting with my magenta shrug to get a black first. how much should i sell it for? what did it retail for originally? TIA
  2. Retails for $995
  3. They're discontinued I think. Most sell on eBay for $700 or less and I heard that Shirise had them for 50% off in the Spring or Summer.

    I just did a completed sales search. A Magenta Shrug sold for $700.

    Hope this helps!
  4. lizlikeshugs:
    sorry to be dumb - how do you do an eBay completed sales search?
  5. You go into advance search and you click on the box for completed listings.
  6. thx, always learning from you guys . . .:smile:
  7. thanks
  8. Thanks, Liz! never knew you could do that. Sweet!
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