what is the retail on...

  1. Nevermind, Just bought this bag today frok Saks at the pre increase (1st increase) price and no tax.

    I think its such a fun bag, even though some might say its color looks like pepto bismol..hahaha

    btw, my Saks has 2 pink colored classic flaps in M/L size available aswell as one mini flap in pink.

    1 camel color s/m flap, 1 camel colored L flap and 1 camel colored mini flap all gold hardware.

    also one pink and one camel colored wallets on a chain.
  2. Congratulations! :yahoo:
  3. congrats. that's a cute bag.
  4. Which saks is this? I would like a mini pink flap:nuts: !
    How did u get it w/ no tax?
  5. hi cisforcoco,

    how much was the bowling bag? and which saks did you buy it at?

    thank you!!