What is the retail of the toilet case?

  1. The smaller one ??? I'd love to get a truffle just wondering. :yes:
  2. It's $495 for the smaller one:yes:
  3. Argh! I'm still looking for one. I wonder if they will be available in any of the new S/S colors?
  4. Z&J I just called BalNY today and was told that there is a truffle toilet case, the SA told me it is $695 which I really doubt but didn't ask her to confirm since I wasn't going to get it. I don't know how accurate bluefly was in quoting the retail but they said it was $345 :yes:
  5. There is a sapin one on eBay for $399 I think

    Brand new too...
  6. The larger toilet case is $695.00~ so it was probably the larger toilet case the SA was talking about.
  7. Zaacorey sweetie do you know what are the measurement for the small and big ones?