what is the reason for tying a scarf around your purse?

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  1. Curious, why people tie scarfs around the handles of their purses -I see many LV's and GUCCI's with scarfs...just curious what it is that draws you to do this? Were you also the type to wear scarfs around your neck when that style was popular? Just curious... :confused1:
  2. I do not look cute in a scarf (or I don't know how to tie one properly :shrugs: ) but I sure do like them on bags! I think it looks awesome!!
  3. Oh, I don't have one on a bag either...I'm sure I'd mess that up somehow!! :s
  4. thanks, I am curious about why people do it - I am thinking about getting one for my Batignolles Horizontal - but not sure, if I will look weird with one on it?
  5. Its very cute....I do not do it ...its to much fuss for me, but I always like the way it looks in pics around the forum!!
  6. Yes, I used to wear scarves a few years ago when it was popular, so I have a bunch of them. I do tie them on my bags sometimes, just for fun.
  7. Just to accessorize your bags... Don't you think it kinda makes the bags look prettier and dressier? I just do it when I'm in the mood for it. :P
  8. I love the look!

    Would it be overkill to add a scarf along with charms?
  9. I lloooooove using scarves on my bags!!

    I particularly like putting my black MC bandeau on my black epi speedy bc it gives it a 'pop' of color.

    I just think it is fun :smile:

    LOL I am such a dork!
  10. Ooh, I can imagine it looking really gorgeous! :love: :yes:
  11. I love scarfs on my Epi's. It just gives them a different unique look. Just be sure to tie it tightly. I lost one off my Epy Passy not to long ago.
  12. Thanks!! Here's pics!!

    Attached Files:

  13. Thanks everyone for your responses...I might try one out one day....maybe a nice red scarf with a equistrian horse on it to go with my BH....hmmm, if I do go with it I will post photos...
  14. Sometimes it's fun to be a little more high maintenance than usual. :P
  15. That looks great..Couturegrl:yes: