What is the real purse behind this Inspired one?

  1. At work last night the morning shift came in and this nurse was carrying this bag. I did a double take because it looked fabulous. She ooohed over my Botkier and I asked if I could look at hers. It had the neatest shirred leather and really was nice looking but on close inspection you could tell it was either faux or cheap leather and the quality wasn't there. Inside it had a tag saying Melie Bianca. So I found the bag....but I'm dieing to know what the real bag is that inspired the Bianca. I betcha I can't afford it! :s

  2. It looks like a Miu Miu knock-off..
  3. I thought this was a prada style... or maybe miu miu
  4. I am pretty sure it's this Prada that they copied:

  5. Gree with Irene - it was a Prada that came out for fall... it retailed for around $3000 Cdn, so I'm sure that's why your friend got an "inspired" one.
  6. Yep, that's it. Anyone know the name? Not that it matters....it's gonna cost a fortune. Too bad. It's so cool looking.
  7. Thanks girls...might as well put that out of my mind. But boy would I love to see and feel the real one.
  8. HEHEHE I have this exact bag. Yes I'm a weirdo. I LOVE this bag and all bags by Melie Bianco. This bag is copying the Prada Gauffre. Some of us cannot quite afford the $2,500 + just yet and this works until we can :p

    If you are thinking about this bag, it's actually kinda cool. It comes in brown, black, white and red. There's a person who sells authentic ones on eBay for a decent price.

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  9. OK, your question is already answered--Prada Gauffre. That's impressive that you could tell the bag wasn't authentic even tho you didn't know the original! We absorb a lot of useful information here, don't we?!
  10. If it's cheap and looked inexpensive, then you "probably" could afford it :s . Melie Bianco purses are pretty cool, and she's a designer. Here again, maybe not as good as the $2,500 jobs but can be awesome for some of us until we can go get one of those.

    Melie Bianco
  11. I like this bag, and at $1500 for the nylon it's not that bad. I might even stray from LV for this one...
  12. I first bought a brown one because I had seen that picture posted above of Jessica Simpson carrying the Prada Gauffre. I researched it and learned how much the Prada purse was. I knew that right now I cannot buy it because I've bought too many purses in the last three months so I looked on eBay for Gauffre. I found Melie Bianco and purchased it. It came in and it was packaged so nice with even a dust bag (like the high end bags). My mom tried to hijack the purse from me and so I ended up buying it in black so she could have the brown one. The black is even cooler than brown.
    They've got it in Red and I'd like to have it in that color too.
    I've also started noticing that Melie Biaco bags are featured a lot in several fashion magazines which I think is cool.
  13. Lexie, betcha I can't afford it either! Very nice though! Not sure if I would buy the Melie Bianco version though. After feeling nice soft leathers on your Kooba/Botkier bags, that one won't feel the same, and therefore you won't end up liking it much.
  14. I agree :yes: