What is the real heel height for Architeks?

  1. I have seen two different heel heights listed for this shoe. Saks has it at 5". They don't look that high to me. The more I think about them, the more I think, cough, cough,that I need them. I keep looking at hubby's black and red convertable in the garage, maybe??
    Also, I am in love with the fit of the VP's and No Prives, and it seems this is basically the same type shoe. Is this correct?
    As always, thank you all in advance!!
  2. They aren't 5 inches. When I compared them to VPs in person, they seemed a tiny bit shorter.
  3. Girl you are fast! I know they were wider for you though. I still remember that, broke my heart:crybaby:
    Making anything yummy???
  4. First off, you already know me too well. Yes, I just made another batch of baklava (I had some left over phyllo dough that I needed to use up...), LOL!!! They just came out of the oven! Second off, I so appreciate you feeling for me on the architek thing, because I LOVE those shoes. They are definitely too wide for my ethiopian foot. But I still stare at them when I'm on Saks.com or when I see pictures here. Get them Claudia, they are gorgeous and very comfy!!!
  5. Sounds yummy! :amuse:

    The heels are a bit shorter than 5 inches. I still feel that 4.5 inches is the most I can do. I'm scared of really really high heels.
  6. priiin, I'm with you. I can hardly walk in the 120mm's. I guess practice makes perfect. lol
  7. I have been eyeing those also since my VP fiasco. Maybe the Architek could be my hot CL shoe. Is it about the same sizing as the VP except the width issues you had? I don't want a fit fiasco too!

    cjy, you will match the convertible.....it's a given! :wlae:
  8. are the architeks really wide? i pre-ordered them at a shoe boutique here b/c they're too gorgeous! i have very narrow and skinny feet, how do you think they'll fit on me? :s
  9. I don't think they are terribly wide or anything, just a wider fit than the VPs. For me, the 38.5 had a little too much gaping on the sides and was loose in the back, but the 38 was too short and my toes and heel stuck out. =(
  10. You're funny cjy! I think your hubby's convertible is good justification on getting them.
  11. Baklava....:drool: oo I wish I could see some baklava :yes:. The only desert that makes me forget chocolate!

    But I digress, I tried on the Architeks and I found them very comfortable and it does not seem like it is 4" give or take. They were easy for me to walk in and just as comfortable as VP's. Keep in mind that I had never had a comfortable pair of really high heels until I tried then purchased my CL platform pumps last October. It really does not seem like the heel is a high as it is due to they way they are made and the cushioning of the platform.
  12. i tried these on at Saks yesterday, and the sizing is really funny. i'm a true US 9, so i usually get CLs in 40. i asked for a 40 yesterday for the architeks, and length-wise it was too long. i then asked for 39.5, and the back kept slipping off. there's too little elastic on there to actually serve the purpose of an elastic, which is to grip on to your heel. when i put them on, there was still space between the back and my heel. so i tried on a 39 - the front became a little tighter, but the back still wouldn't grip onto my heel and would slide off with every step i took. i didn't want to size down any more because then the toebox would be too tight....so i guess these weren't meant for me. i think they're really a pair you need to try on.