What is the real deal with the CITES?

  1. I am confused... I have always thought that every exotic bag comes with a Cites and that you need it when you travel overseas.

    But have recently been told by my SA that I don't really need it and that I only need it when traveling to Japan. And when they apply for it, I need to supply my flight dates and number... :confused1:

    In any case, the photocopied white sheet that is usually included with the bag is actually the store copy. According to my SA, the actual CITES have to be applied for and that the dept of something has to inspect the bag, etc, etc. I remember when I picked up a croc wallet earlier this year, they didn't give me a Cites report. They took back the sheet of paper that described the skin, etc.

    I know it is not a problem to apply for one or get a new one, just a pain in the you-know-what...

    Would appreciate any info you ladies can share...
  2. I never travel with exotics since I was robbed at The Dorchester in London. I have learned not to call attention to myself when traveling.

  3. Thats so saddens me to here of all places the Dorchester
    I hope you where not hurt.

    I am the owner of now two Ostrich bags and dont have cities so I must look into this

    and advice really would be good
  4. mine came with it and I was told you must have it when traveling overseas
  5. My ostrich kelly didn't come with it and I'd to ask for it. I think different stores have different practices.

    Small exotic accessories also typically do not have it.
  6. Why would you need paperwork when traveling overseas with an exotic bag? Guess this shows I'm a noob... .explain please? :confused1:
  7. I'm with you! I had a bad experience too. One is enough.
  8. To certify the species of bird/reptile (amphibian - sorry inside joke) of which the exotic bag was made of. No endangered species. I think in some countries, if the customs officer cannot identify the species/origin of the exotic skin, they will seize the bag and you may never get it back.
  9. Yikes! So sorry to hear that. I guess I should just leave my crocs behind. I usually travel with a leather birkin and any exotics (usually just bring the small pcs) are in my hand-carry. I have been able to fit a small birkin bag into the hotel safe once but it is rare that I am able to do that.
  10. I don't have any cites with any of my ostrich or croc bags. When we did an international relocation (twice) all my H bags were air shipped and I guess they weren't checked because I didn't get questioned or asked to see any cites.
  11. I think the CITES enforcement is the strictest in Australia. An entry into Oz with an exotic needs to be accompanied with a cert. And one has to declare. Non declaration in itself carries a big fine.
  12. I did an extensive amount of research on this when I bought a croc kelly from Sandia and it did not have the CITES. I travel often so this was a big concern to me. I spoke to several US governmental agencies, Hermes and eventually had a long back and forth with someone from Fish and Game. You absolutely do need the paperwork to travel and I was told by Fish and wildlife if I do not have it they can confiscate my bag on arrival into the US. After about 6 weeks worth of effort it basically came down to, they were not going to be able to help me that I should talk to Hermes and Hermes said unless I bought the bag in their store the couldn't help me either. So, I've resolved to never live out my dream of carrying my black croc kelly down the streets of Paris.
  13. I bought an Ostrich Birkin and it didn't come with cites. I thought cites only applicable for croc leather?
  14. For ostrich, alligator, croc, lizard ..... everything exotic.
  15. This is great information, ReneH. Thanks! I guess this just requires some planning. When I travel for some event and need to bring one of my exotics, I just have to make sure that H gets the cites for me or I apply for it myself. I believe it costs about $130 and Fish and Game will need to physically inspect the bag.