What is the real colour of my City??

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  1. Hi friends!
    I'm so grateful to all of you!
    Please could you help me about the really colour of my city? Some of you defined it "greige" but greige is too bright then mine.( see thread "Balenciaga from Italy")
    Here is some new picture of the city.....is it grey?
    The aswers to the expert......:shrugs:
    thank you....
    citya.JPG city 1.JPG city2.JPG
  2. It looks like Greige to me. Can you take a picture of it outside with no flash? What season is it? What is the letter on the tag inside the bag?
  3. check the letters on the silver plate :yes:
  4. Ok, tomorrow in the morning I'll take a picture without flash ( now is evening here, 9.pm).
    Inside the numbers and letters on the silver tag are:
    N° 0207 Y
    on the back:
    115748 . 2123

    I bought it in sept 2006.

    What a wonderful team of lovely expert you are!!!!!
    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :cutesy: :cutesy:
  5. I think this would be grey or gris fonce? Greige is from the fall and should be a W?????
  6. Thank you Cate22, I know ateliernaff.com, is very useful!
    I think that the right colour is grey.
    Everyone have a bag in the same colour??
  7. I think it's also gris fonce from 06. Your city is beautiful!:smile: