What is the rarest Birkin you've ever seen?

  1. And I'm talking about a bag you've only seen one of, literally, and haven't even seen again....the truly rare rare bag??

    Linda Evangelista's bag doesn't count...or the other custom-made one I that can't remember who has it. Just Birkins!

    Go, girls, go!
  2. Exotic leather shoulder Birkin :yes:
  3. p.s. if you have a pic, post please!!! yes, yes, yes! :drool:
  4. It was a bi color croc Birkin with diamonds! In a magazine, does that count?
  5. I couldn't believe that someone actually had a saffron yellow crock birkin w/gold hardware until I randomly found a photo somewhere on here of a girl with one!! :biggrin: That's such a gorgeous, bold bag!
  6. Pinkish_Love has a fabulous Bleu Roi Porosus Croc Shoulder Birkin and Aspenmartial also has a striking Miel Porosus Croc Shoulder Birkin. They posted their goodies at the members thread.:drool:

    I find exotic leather shoulder Birkin to be the most rare because while I've seen TWO diamond croc Birkins in real life, the exotic leather shoulder Birkin is definitely NOT something you can see often:yes:
  7. I LOVE miel...

    Saw an actress on t.v. with the saffron yellow birkin but it wasn't croc...so far so good! Keep 'em coming! (I want something juicy to wake up to!)

    :tender: night girls!

  8. That would be pazt's friend!!!! Her friend has some rare exotics!
  9. My store had a 28 AND a 32 Porosus Croc Kellies in Beige-Rose once. My holy grail is the 28....and I've already spoken to my SA about it - LOL!
  10. Elle McPherson's zebra Birkin. Not that I like it.
  11. A 20 cm kelly in vert anis lizard wiht cyclamen piping in my local store recently. Gorgeous!
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  12. Oh wait, I just noticed you wrote "you've ever seen". In that case, I think the diamond croc Birkins will have to take the cake.
  13. This one...

    I believe it's made of Barenia Naturale & some kind of kimono silk material.
    Kimono Birkin1.jpg Kimono Birkin2.jpg Kimono Birkin3.jpg
  14. ^oooh. Very nice.

    Did you get to molest it Gigi?? LOL.
  15. ohhh, I thought I had to have seen it in real life! And if I could read, I would have realised it said BIRKIN.....

    OK, the rarest ones I have seen are in the Leila Menchari Window Dressing for Hermes Faubourg book.