What is the purpose of the controllato card?

  1. I hope I'm not asking a dumb question, but what is the purpose of a controllato card?
  2. haha, no, it's not silly at all! i was actually wondering the same. it seems so 'useless', doesn't it?
  3. i was wondering about this too....
  4. I have always wondered as well. Seems like a waste of trees.
  5. When I purchased my bag from Gucci, I asked them the same question and they said that the card does not mean anything. I get the impression that it may be something that is put into the bag when it is made at the factory or whereever it is that they make them.
  6. Maybe it means it passed an inspection? Just guessing...
  7. i wonder too......0123456789 huh???
  8. if anyone knows the answer, i'd love to know myself...
  9. Good question! It seems they add jack to authenticity.
  10. same here too, i don't see the purpose of it. they are all the same numbers.
  11. yeah, maybe, that's a good guess!
  12. Wow - I'm glad other people don't know :smile: I would say Thithi is the best guess :smile:
  13. Next time, we all buy from Gucci , we should all ask them, and see what their response is and post it on this board, to see if most if not all of their answers are the same for different locations.
  14. I'm betting they are all different! :yes:
  15. yeah, i will definitely ask! :yes: