what is the proper way to dress my birkin???

  1. this is my first birkin...and would like the advice of the H pros on how to do so???
  2. You can put a twilly or hang a cadena charm.
  3. misschaslyn, you have the gorgeous Brighton Blue 35 Birkin with gold h/w, yes??? OK....try putting the flap inside the bag which leaves the bag open, and then locking your straps across the bag and turn the little key holder/lock.

    Now, hang a gold cadena there, right in front. Then, get out the leather key clochette and string a second cadena on it and let it dangle at the bottom next to the leather key clochette. Then, hang it on the handle on the right front as you face the bag....so that the long leather piece with the clochete at the end is looped and hanging on the base of the right hand handle.

    I love this look! You can also hang a key charm on the base of a handle too but, I feel if you do this, the second cadena on the turn key becomes a bit *much*

    It's all in how your eye sees it, tho....and the look you want to achieve.
  4. Take a look at the Members' Items thread or the Birkin Style thread for some visual ideas too.
  5. thanx isus...will do!!!
  6. Isus, that was a very sensuous description.