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  1. Hey People,

    I Hope Some Of You Could Help Me Out. What Is The Price Of A 2007 Balenciaga City??? Are They Still Retailed At $1195??? Thanks!!!
  2. Yes, that is the price Daphne at BalNY quoted me.
  3. Oh Ok. Somehow I Thought Their Was A Price Increase On The Regular Hardware, But I Guess It's Only Pricier For The Giant Hardware. So The Regular Is Still At A Normal Price, Yay!
  4. Thats what I thought also. :yes: Glad to know its not.
  5. So They Don't Do A Frequent Price Increase Like Lv Does? Has The Price Remained The Same For A While? I Hope It Stays Like At That Price, I Plan On Purchasing My First Bbag This Summer!!