What is the price of e/w flap?

  1. Anyone know the post-increase price of both the caviar and lambskin east west flap?
  2. The caviar one was $1050, and the lambskin was $1125
  3. Post increase prices

    Caviar - [FONT=&quot]$1325
    Lambskin - $1550

    Correct me if I'm wrong! Hope that helps :smile:
  4. Caviar is $1395 US
  5. Prior to this increase it was $1095, bummed but paid the increase anyway....when I first liked the bag I couldn't find it in black and wasn't ready to commit to the grey they had (although pretty) nor was I really ready to commit to buying the bag so that's the price I have to pay for better timing I suppose, and the black is a better choice for me, still think about the grey but am VERY happy with black.....