What is the price of 225? and what is the price of the medium flap?

  1. This whole time, I thought the 225 and the medium flap were the same bags, but I recently found out they aren't!

    what's the difference between the bags?
    sorry if this question sounds ignorant.. i'm new to Chanel :push:

    What is the price of both of these bags? and after the price increase?

    Thanks so much!
  2. They are very similar in size. The basic difference are the strap, the lock & the leather. I only have a DS 225 reissue, but I did some research before. Hope this help.

    225: $2150 (haven't heard of any new price yet)
    9.5" L x 6" H x 2.5" W
    Double straps: 11' drop (25' end-to-end)
    Single strap: 20' drop (42' end-to-end)

    Medium Cavier: $1995 (new price will be $2350)
    More for Lambskin & there's also a new MM lock available, but a bit more expensive I think.
    10" L x 6" H x 2.5" W
    The strap is shorter than the 225

    I can wear my 225 in all ways, ie. crossbody

    225<Medium<226 - All comes with double flaps

    Also, the reissue is not as structured as classic flaps. You may be able to put a few more in the bag.
  3. Are the clasps always the MM type on the resissues?
  4. Yes, I believe so. That's the original 2.55 = re-issue that's available since 2005 (the anniversary bag) & with the MM turn lock & chain strap
  5. oops, i think i meant to say 255 (there is no 225, correct?)

    Thanks so much you guys!
    if anyone could share pictures showing the differences of the bags i would be so grateful.
    i'll try to do more research.

    if anyone has anything to add then please do so!
  6. No. there's 225 as I explained above. I just brought mine a month ago.

    224/225/226/227/228 are reissue = 2.55 (February 1955) flaps

    Mini/Small/(Medium/Large)/Jumbo are classic flaps
  7. oh!!! sorry, i was confused. thanks so much.. you have been a big help to me!
  8. Not a problem...I was like you a few months back. Got mixed up with the numbers. :wacko: Initally I just want a Chanel for myself, but never think that I have to be so involved in researching. Anyway, photos from the reference library & TPFers do help a lot!