What is the price for the GH Day bag?

  1. I am thinking it said $1195 but I could be wrong? Anyone know? I am wearing my Apple Green Day today and I just love the style! It's soooo comfortable! I remember that one was like $995 but of course it has the RH :smile:

    And I asked this once b4 but just in case maybe someone knows more info, does the Day bag come in the Gold GH in PLOMB??
  2. 1245.00 for the GH Day bag & heres BalNy # to confirm 212-206-0872.. so sad.. its on my speed dial! :wacko:
  3. Thank you!! Did it used to be $1195? Did it go up in price?
  4. ^^ I believe the price has always been $1245 since the GH was only introduced in 07. Your best bet to find out about Plomb with GH would be to call BalNY directly - they might not have ordered it, but I am guessing they did, since the Day style with GH has proven to be pretty popular.