What is the point of watching a BUY IT NOW item?

  1. why do people watch items with BIN??
  2. I wondered this for the longest time. Its not like the item is going to change..
  3. It's easier to put all the items you would like to buy on your watch list before you make a final decision on which one to get.
  4. I have a BIN item on my watch list now because I'm on the fence about it and I didnt want to clutter my net bookmarks anymore :roflmfao:
  5. also, if you want the item but the bin is too high, you put it on your watch list so that if it doesn't sell, you can ask the seller if he/she would be willing to sell it to you at a lower price. if that doesn't work out you can keep track of the item if it's relisted (if the item is in your watch list, eBay will automatically send you an email)
  6. Yes, I do this all the time to see if it sells and keep an eye on it being relisted at a lower price or in auction format next time.
  7. i do this also - that way i can keep track of it and if it doesn't sell, i have the seller info and can contact them if i'm still interested or to see if they are going to relist, etc.
    plus, if i'm on the fence about buying it, i can still look at it to see if i really want it or not:p
  8. Sometimes people are shopping around.

    Its easier to "watch" something so that you can go back to it and decide if you want it. Instead of searching for it all over again.

    I do it all the time!
  9. it's a bookmarking method
  10. :yes: ITA

  11. ditto. why not watch a BIN item?
  12. I don't get it, I have 8 watchers on a buy it now item. Is there a point to that that I am missing?
  13. they probably think your bin is too high and are hoping the item won't sell (at which point they will contact you and see if you will sell it for less). that's my guess.
  14. Sometimes I watch an item with buy it Now simply because I want it but I'm waiting for another similar one on auction to end or I have other offers pending. Also one time I watched a bag for over 3 days before buying because I was waiting to be ready to pay. there's many reasons why you can watch an item before buying it.
  15. I watch bin items if I am not 100% I want to buy the item, specially high end purses. Also a lot of the time the seller has a bin and a lower start price, I will often try to get it for the lower start price (it usually works in my favor).