What is the Planet, the Pod, the Boobie? and What are the used for? What fits inside

  1. I'm curious if anyone owns a boobie/planet change purse? I've seen a few attached to their corresponding balenciaga bag and I must say, I think it looks really cute. For those of you that own one, how do you use it? If you do indeed attach it to the bag, post pictures so we can see how it appears. Thanks.
  2. How are they? Do they fit much?

    There's a looovely baby on eBay right now in apple green that's really tempting me. :heart: But what's holding me back is the practicality aspect.
    If anyone has one, how do you like it?

    eBay Item # 6878125313

  3. They are really cute, but not too practical IMO. You can't fit much into it other than change. Also, it depends on what style bag you would be attaching it to. I think if it was being attached to a city or day bag, it would look better because the bag has more height. I really think of it as more of an accessory for your B-bag ;)
  4. hee! that sounds so naughty! but seriously, would a cell phone fit in a boobie? I love my office bag and i'm constantly losing my cell phone inside it (i never seem to manage to zip up the inside pocket). is a boobie the answer? Or is it too small to fit a cell phone?
  5. my cellphone is a nokia and wouln't fit in a boobie even if it went on a crash diet!! i doubt that any cellphone would fit in a boobie, maybe some crazy tech tiny ones would!
  6. I think you might be better off with a coin purse for a cell phone ... probably the large coin purse?
  7. ^^ thank you!

    I've not seen one in real life, so it is hard to estimate how large it actually is.
  8. yippy, i just got my 1st boobie today (ink!!!) & it's perfect for change, but not for cell phones :tender:
  9. square peg in a round hole, just wont work. I keep my cell in the outside pocket unzipped.
  10. I have TONS of "Boobies" (whoa ... that didn't sound too good :lol: :p !!). I've attached a few pictures of my bags that have them attached (so you can get a frame of reference relative to the size). Since they are "split" into two sides, unless you had the tiniest Cell Phone in the world, there is NO WAY it would fit.

    I'm also not a big fan of clipping my Cell Phone onto my bags because I'm afraid that someone could snatch it (I have one of the old-style :cursing: LARGE Blackberry phones because I travel internationally for business).
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  11. CeeJay, is your green boobie attached to a first or to a city on that pic?
  12. So I was wondering... what's small enough to fit in a boobie? spare change? lipstick? tissues? keys? the boobie/planet is so cute, but is it functional?
  13. I dont know, but I have 3 on the way from LVR so we'll see what does and doesnt fit! I dont know how big they are but I'm assuming an A cup...i make myself laugh.
  14. if they're an a-cup they should fit me perfectly :graucho:

  15. i have one and fit my keys in one side and my car key or change in the other. i have a vw and they have kind of a bulky key. so i might put the vw key in one side and my keys - three keys and small utilty knife on the other side perfectly. i highly recommend one! i love it for my keys, because it is easier to find them - and i don't like my keys scratching my wallet (also balenciaga).

    on donna! - you are right on the size - def an A cup! ;)