What is the perfect color for your first Birkin?


Jun 22, 2008
Hi ladies, i just open a thread regarding pros and cons of Birkin bag, any of your input will be very much appreciate (yes, i am ready for my 1st Birkin). I would love to have Orange or Blue Jean but I would like to know What color did you got for your first Birkin? it would be great if u can share with me why you choose that particular color? and How old were you when u got that color? I am 28 now, i can definitely see myself own a black Birkin in the future but not now, i am not ready for black Birkin yet. i got a feeling that it is such a nice, cool, color and i would like to deserve it for myself when i feel like i am successful;)


Jul 19, 2007
Black was my first. It goes with everything I wear and I find it extremely chic. I was in my 30s. I am not a color person so gold is another color that I use and love. Good luck with your first. The first is the most exciting and believe it or not, the wait, the research, the hunt is also the best part. Enjoy!


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Jan 29, 2006
BJ was the color of my first birkin (JPG shoulder birkin). I think it's a fun color that is also pretty versatile. I was 33 when I got it. The reason I chose Blue Jean is because I've always wanted to own something in Blue Jean (one of the best Hermes colors, IMO).
Oct 26, 2007
I don't have a Birkin... yet! Hope no one minds if I share what I would like to get, though.

My first Birkin would be probably either Gold or Etoupe. I love everything black but I would like my Birkin to stand out a little without being too bright or attention-seeking.


Mar 21, 2008
Got my first at 37. A Graphite in Clemence. I prefer neutrals (black, black, black) and I wanted the perfect alternative to black. I wanted a color that I could wear every day of the year. Then I ordered an Etoupe as a lighter alternative. And then Soleil because I wanted something crazy. For myself I wanted a 'neutral' color for my first Birkin. A go-with-everything-bag that I would still like in many years from now.


May 15, 2008
My first Birkin was indigo, a very dark shade of blue, almost black. I was 27. I am 28 now and I just bought a black box Birkin in 40. I just love it. Such a classy color. Having said that, if you are not ready for a black one, then go for a fun bright color! Potiron is a tad less bright so perhaps it might be a good color for the first? (I bought my mother a potiron Birkin forothers day and she loved it!)

Hope this helps and good luck on your first!


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Mar 27, 2007
I dont have a birkin...but i'm thinking of getting rouge H or orange (H color) if i'll get one. I'm in my late 30's...I have several black bags in my collection. I dont have orange and the shade of rouge H in my collection...I'm saving it for the birkin (my one and only)....hopefully:rolleyes:


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Dec 9, 2007
I got black for my first, when I was 25 (earlier this year) because I wanted a bag I could have for ever, that would go with almost everything so it would get lots of wear to justify the expense to myself.
BJ and Orange are both classic colors, though.

However, I think BJ is a better neutral than orange, and would therefore make a better first bag because you would get more use out of it, I think?


Jul 30, 2006
My first and only Birkin for a while is... my 35cm dark green box with red/orange stitching and PHW.

I have a fairly large collection of other brand bags I love... so I wanted something special and unique for my birkin. But it's not an everyday bag. If I was looking for an everyday bag, I would have chosen a 35cm togo or clemence in gold, black, or ebene.

My next birkin will be one of those three!

Lyanna Stark

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Dec 24, 2006
Black was my first H bag, a kelly. The colour let me relax and enjoy her, rather than getting a lighter colour and stressing all the time. Now I can enjoy my recent birkin much more as I have toned down my paranoid mentality after my first "child".


Jan 20, 2008
I preferred black as the perfect color for my first birkin, but it was not meant to be at that time so I ended up with cafe. After months of waiting, my SA finally came through and found my black birkin!