what is the perfect clutch?

  1. alright ladies, i seek the perfect clutch. :love: one that's:

    1) good to go from jeans to dresses
    2) can fit my treo, lipstick, keys and credit cards, but not too much else
    3) looks young and chic, but that won't be on the "galmour don't" list next year
    3) somewhere at or under 300
    4) flashy enough (i can be a brand ho, let's be honest):shrugs:

    sorry if that's rather restrictive...i hope you can help! TIA!:okay:
  2. The best clutch IMO ever made is by Jenny Yuen. I have one in black and one in red. They are surprisingly roomy for a cluthc, have a detachable wristlet strap, and come in luscious, yummy leather. The black works perfectly as an elegant/professional looking clutch and the red is an awesome true/fire engine red that lends a wonderful pop of color to any outfit.

    They currently retail for $325 at LunaBoston.com, but if you use their promo code for 20% off, you can get it for a lot less.

    18228-viewsize300-front.jpg 18623-viewsize300-front.jpg 18230-viewsize300-front.jpg 18229-viewsize300-front.jpg
  3. Love that JY clutch, too, especially the adorable grey elephant print version. Lauren Merkin clutches are pretty timeless, too--mostly the same shape, just with varying colors/patterns that can go from casual to superluxe. I like how the side pleating makes it so you can put more things inside without having it bulge out like flat clutches will.

    My personal favorite is a Hayden-Harnett Mercer clutch. Has a shoulder strap that can be unclipped and tucked into the bag to convert to handheld. It's pretty under-to-radar and doesn't have any trendy details so I don't think it will be "out" at any time.
  4. i happen to be a fans of vintage clutch... i like those old ones in leather.
    i would browse on eBay :p
  5. the "timeless" clutch by chanel
  6. great advice! the mercer i've looked at before, but i hadn't looked at the JY and the chanel! what is the price point for the timeless?

    lord knows i love yummy leather!:yes:
  7. Lauren Merkin makes beautiful clutches...200-400 dollar price range. She has a few on sale on her website for 80-100 dollars.
  8. Chanel Timeless Clutch in Caviar Red or Black
  9. I like Heather Hawkins clutches. Very well made and beautiful leather.