What is the one ....

  1. ingredient, spices, etc you use the most for your cooking?

    Me, it will have to be the lemon pepper, my daughter loves it!!! dont matter what it is Im cooking she wants that on her food. Sometimes she gets in the kitchen with me to "help me" and she says .... put this mommy put this on the food it is sssoooo gggoooodd!!!! yummy yummy .... lol
  2. probably garlic and rosemary.
    i planted some rosemary in the garden and it has tken over the herb bed so im using it in everything.
  3. Garlic & onion!! salt pepper sugar and sweet soy sauce....
    also for stir fry, I always use olive oil...and for deep fry I use canola/corn oil.
  4. yeah i use olive oil for all my cooking!!! i remember when my mom started cooking with olive oil and i hated the way it smelled but now im so used to it that i dont even smell anything, plus the food really does taste better ..... i think!!
  5. Irish Butter, hah! But only when I cook for my parents every Sunday, then it goes into just about everything on the table :biggrin: Also constantly use: parsley, honey, blackstrap molasses, raw cream, vidalia onions, lots of fresh basil (scrambled eggs every couple mornings with fresh chopped basil, mmm!), shallots, olive oil for normal cooking and grapeseed oil for frying, and lots of fresh sage on anything, I LOVE sage!
  6. ^^ you are making me hungry!! those eggs sound so good
  7. garlic, ginger, basil, mint, soy and fish sauce, black bean sauce, lemon juice, chiles
  8. To cook most things, meat or veggies, i use olive oil. Also onions and garlic in lots of dishes as well as fresh basil. For vegetables, i try to use as much of whatever is in season at the time and can get at the farmer's market.
  9. cumin and olive oil
  10. I don't have just one thing that I use but I always use Olive Oil, Butter & garlic in most of my dishes.
  11. Mrs. Dash!
  12. Probably garlic and pepper. I put them in almost everything I cook!
  13. It seems like every single thing I cook calls for garlic and onion so I always have those two things. I pan saute a lot so olive oil is used all the time too. As far as spices go, I use dried basil, oregano, and parsley a lot and I find I run out of cumin pretty quickly as well.
  14. garlic, soy sauce, corn oil (for the asain style food), lemon, italian parsley, and olive oil.
  15. olive oil