What is the ONE thing you can eat all the time and will never be sick of it?

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  1. As I was pondering of what to eat, I decided to have minestrone again. I have it so often that sometimes my family or friends will just go "Again?? Aren't you sick of it?" LOL I guess that's something I'll never be sick of it. What's yours?
  2. Diet Coke, but that's not really food...

    Foodwise, I go through phases. There will be one or two foods that I just crave nonstop until I finally get sick of them. Lately it's been brownies and pretzels :wlae:
  3. well, I don't indulge in these all the time but I am always in the mood for and will never turn down: cheese pizza and any pasta with red sauce, yum!
  4. french fries
    chocolate chip cookies

    recently i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and all i could drink was water and diet coke....i actually got tired of the two...didn't think it was possible.
  5. Chicken. Roast/Fried/Soup...
  6. PESTO ! I love it, even the rosso one! I use it all the time on everything and every time. Another thing I can't get enough of is Soy sauce, if I don't use pesto I use soy sauce. =P
  7. Sushi
  8. Diet Coke, Cheese and Bread.
  9. I Know what you mean Liberte. I'm exactly the same with soy sauce, I put it on everything! I've even got a bottle of it that I keep at work.

    I lived in Italy for a while and it was a nightmare to find! I found some eventually though, and it cost about £5 for a bottle. :smile:
  10. Popcorn...
  11. Haha!
    At my worst I even made "say sauce toast" which consists of pieces of toast bread or similar white french bread on which I pored soy sauce untill the top was "soaked", then let it rest and into the microwave and voila. :push:
    They didn't even have Kikkoman!? :wtf: What a nightmare!
  12. Pizza, unfortunately, I could eat every day. Why couldn't it be veggies??? Oh well, at least Lean Cuisine makes a BBQ Chicken Pizza I can eat, but why oh why are the servings so tiny!?!
  13. Fage Total yogurt with honey. I eat one every day - sometimes even twice a day. They are so delicious.
  14. Cheese w/crusty bread, butter w/crusty bread, olives w/crusty bread...so I'd say bread w/a condiment :biggrin: I could also eat strawberries and white peaches foevaaa and evaaaa
  15. Pizza