What is the one thing that would make your life perfect?

  1. The only thing I want in life is to have a long and happy life with my soon to be husband, thats all I need, would give up everything to have this.
  2. Health is the number one thing. As long as I have that for myself and loved ones, I am good.

    Other than that, right now I think more $$$ can send me off on a myriad of vacations which would expose me to other cultures and places I have never encountered.
  3. Two healthy babies come summer next year!
  4. My DH to be healthy and always here for me... I'll want for nothing more.
  5. I actually love my life right now, great family and friends to support me, an amazingly sweet BF... the only thing I even want would be material, and that, I can live without. :heart:
  6. Life's pretty grand now. I have wonderful dh and a sweet 4yr old dd. Everyone I love is healthy and happy, and we have what we need. I guess perfection would be to have one more baby to complete my family. Hasn't been easy...first one was concieved right away, but having a second one seems to be a problem...:sad: If it's not meant, then we still do have one child, so I really can't complain.
  7. There's always more to want - a bigger house, nice clothes, more vacations etc etc - but in terms of the things that really matter, I am truly blessed. Pursuing the perfect life can be a trap, sometimes we just need to adjust our attitude, take the blinders off, and be thankful.
  8. My only dream/hope is for my husband to become a Christian someday. I pray everyday for him & would give up everything for him to be saved.
  9. More vacation days so I can get more accomplished in my personal life.
  10. As I get older, and see those around me deteriorating, I realize that the only thing that matters is my health and the health of friends and loved ones. As long as we can stay in relatively good health, I think everything else willl work itself out. :yes:
  11. Does my ol' crippled up heart/body good to see so many really decide that health is the true desire in your lives. It's the most important thing you'll ever have/want/need.

    I think what would make my life perfect is to find a cure for DDD and/or enough "in the flesh" people to care enough to help me right now. I know all you would if you could, so I'm not thinking that. But I know people who have it a whole lot worse off than I do, so I'm not complaining!
  12. Health and the hope to one day move back to my country.
  13. I think you said it best, sarah2808. :girlsigh: Good health for myself and those around me would be wonderful. After that everything should fall into place.

    Of course, if a certain someone decided to show up with flowers or his heart on his sleeve, I certainly wouldn't complain.
  14. To win some money. It doesn't have to be much, maybe $30,000? Other than that, I have a great life. two great kids, great husband, nice home, job I don't mind going to (wish it paid more!) and the most important family and great health.
  15. For my fiance to get a kidney.

    Anything after that is gravy.

    (but it would be nice to get out of debt, too. lol)