What is the one makeup item that you have a TON of?

  1. For me, it's blush. I have so much of the stuff it's insane. Pink, brown, purple, brown-purple, brown-pink...you name it, I have it. It's mostly because I have really pale skin and without blush I'd probably look like a zombie. I just love the stuff. I could never give it up.

    So, what's the one thing you have a lot of?
  2. Eyeshadows. i love them:smile:
  3. Lipgloss. Hands down!!

    Next would be eye shadow and then pressed powder. Currently I have a pressed powder from Chanel, MAC, NARS and am considering buying one from Laura Mercier...Don't ask me why I need so many powders...:shrugs:
  4. i have a ton of eyeshadow but i have no clue why. i usually skip it and just wear eyeliner!
  5. Lipglosses!!! Have tons and tons of them.
  6. I have so many eyeshadows, its ridiculous. I havn't even used half of them yet! And now, I hardly ever wear eyeshadow, so I don't know what i'm going to do!
  7. Lip gloss for sure. I can never have enough, especially the Burts Bees lip shimmer...the minty tingle is great!
  8. eyeshadow def., and then lip gloss.
  9. I have tons of foundation, loads and loads!!!!
  10. mmm..it's a triple tie: eye shadow, blush and lipglosses. I admit, i'm a lipgloss addict...I think I'm more of a collector than a user..it's sad. LOL
  11. it's a tie between lipglosses & eyeshadows; the former I use everyday, the latter never ever:shrugs:
  12. Eye shadows followed by lipglosses
  13. Lip gloss for me too!
  14. Blush and eyeliners!
  15. I have like LOTS of everything. When I buy stuff I usually get gifts with the purchase. But I'd say I have more eyeshadow and lipstick. Can't get enough of the colours!