What is the one leather that you wish Hermes would offer in bags?

  1. For me, it's shark skin. They offer it in watch straps but I was told not in bags. Shark skin should be pretty durable, and I think it's as exotic as it's going to get.

    Besides, knowing Hermes, we can be assured that they will be careful about NOT endangering the species.
  2. I think stingray's kind of cool and they used to do anteater, but not anymore.
  3. My taste is not so exotic...I would like something in nappa leather, I just think it is so buttery soft. Maybe Hermes already makes bags in this leather and I just don't know it?
  4. Anteater?!! In bags? Why did they stop? Btw, I know they make hats using kangaroo leathers, but not bags ... not that I'd want one in kangaroo skin since I love those cute animals.
  5. " ant-eater" ?:upsidedown: for real?...

    I would like something more simple...patent leather...shiny and smooth, in all colors.:tender: (actually I think they make it, but only in tiny quantity)
  6. Ohhh!! sharkskin - cool!!!!!:yes:

    I've eaten Kangaroo, but never worn it - I would, though......:shame:

    The quills still on the ostrich scares me a bit - I buy organic chooks to cook, and these sometimes have some quills still attached - yuck!!:throwup:

    I'd love to know what lizard they use for the lizard bags????
  7. varanus niloticus and varanus savadori :flowers:
  8. Let's guess, in fuschia?:upsidedown:
  9. I'm so predictable, am I not?:P :roflmfao: It'd be great if they make it in fuchsia, but if they don't offer that leather anymore, then I'm going to be out of luck.

    How durable is anteater skin anyway?

  10. thanks Lilach!!!!:flowers:
  11. It's not a leather, but I love olive green loden (boiled wool).

    I think a recent garden party might have been made of boilded wool, but I'd like to see it as part of a handbag - perhaps used to make a Kelly.
  12. lizards........the first is varanus savadori the second is varanus niloticus, just in case you were interested!!!!
    crocodile_monitors_small.jpg mampam1.jpg
  13. sueded croc! BV does this and it's trully divine...:love: