What is the one bag that is missing...

  1. in your possession??
    just like there's always one piece of cloth missing in my closet...
    there is always a purse that's missing too...

    right now...
    the LV mono Manhattan pm...:heart:
  2. Hermes burgandy croc birkin, oh how i wish i could own one. Also, a Daryl K coctail dress with leg warmers.
  3. A large Chanel bag (maybe PNY doctor's bag) and a Hermes Kelly 30, maybe in lizard.....yum.
  4. Chanel Classic Flap
  5. :graucho: I want two! THe Gucci medium chain horsebit in chocolate guccissima leather (I DID buy the wallet to match a few days ago in hopes of securing the bag someday!) and a Marc Jaobs black multi pocket (the smaller version)....***sigh***
  6. My dream one is in my sig - Hermes rouge H (or rouge Vif) 30 Birkin with palladium HW. I would also love a black croc Kelly 28 as well!
  7. Vuitton Suhali L'Affriolant in plum, just missed one on ebay :hysteric:
  8. :idea: Hermes croc kelly 28 brown
    :idea: LV suhali in white

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. Hermes Birkin!
    an LV wallet
    Chanel Cerf and classic flap
  10. Hermes Birkin and Kelly. I don't think I'll see them in my near future.
  11. LV Le Fab in WHITE.
  12. east/west and the black satchel..
  13. Gucci Jackie O...I'm hoping that I can find a good deal from the winter sale. I can't afford to get another bag right now since I bought 3 this summer. (Burberry, Pucci and Prada)
  14. An east west purple Chanel :jammin:
  15. red alma (will be mine by christmas! :yes:)
    chanel classic flap
    vintage kelly