What is the oldest bag you own, that you bought new?


What is you oldest bag, you bought new?

  1. Less than 1 year

  2. 1-5 years

  3. 6-10 years

  4. 11-15 years

  5. 16-20 years

  6. over 20 years!

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  1. So what is the oldest bag you have....the you bought (or was bought for you) brand new? You must still have it ;)

    Me: Mono keepall 55. Bought in late August 1982! OMG, it will be my 25th LV anniversary in a few weeks!
  2. Mines is a monogram keepall 50 bought in 2005.
  3. haha. when i was 17th... and I'm 21 now.. so 5 years!
  4. My mom's Speedy 30 from 1990. It's 17 years old as of a couple months ago. :yes:
  5. Mono Petite Bucket from 1999 makes her 8 years old!
  6. Sorry rebecca...I have to disqualify you...lol...the bag, while great, was passed down to you...for this question, must have been always been yours ;)

    Sorry, I should have been more clear.
  7. Clarification...this bag must have always been yours.....not passed down.
  8. Ooh, busted.

    In that case it's my mono pochette from Feb. 2003 (date code is from 2002 though). Not as exciting as the Speedy. ;)
  9. My Saleya PM, purchased thirteen months ago.

    I also own a white MC koala wallet that I bought new in Feb 2006, my oldest piece.

    I am a newbie.
  10. I'm also a newbie! Speedy 25 from Fall 2006.
  11. A popincourt haut bought in 2005!
  12. Cerises Pochette when it first came out.
  13. The oldest bag I have that I bought new was my black leather Coach bucket in 1998... as far as LV my mono speedy 25 in 2005
  14. mine first LV was the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires my dad gave me for my birthday in 2004, but the first one I ever got for myself was my Monogram Mat Shelton, also in 2004
  15. my would be my MC speedy in white.