What is the oldest bag in your closet?

  1. I am currently "cleaning out my closet" and I saw the first Coach bag I got. It was the black signature hobo clip in 2000.

    So, what is the oldest Coach bag in your closet and does she get any use?
  2. The oldest and the first Coach I got was some tan and red pouch my aunt bought me at the outlet. I sold it though to save up for my recent Coach purchases.
  3. Last Spring I cleaned out my closet and sold my oldest Coach bags, they were the classic leather ones from the '90's. Currently my oldest bags are my Hamptons weekend tote in denim and PINK! and my mini siggy demi in khaki/doe. These will probably be sold this spring to make room for new bags.
    Here's a stock pic of my Hampton's....:love:Maybe I won't sell her!
  4. Classic Leather Court Bag I got 6 years ago...
  5. My oldest/first coach is a small brown leather bag I got in either 97 or 98. No idea what the style is. I'll break it out on rare occasion for a concert or something since she's seen better days & can be worn cross body.
  6. My oldest bag is a brown Signature Soho Flap I bought in December 06... I don't use it as much, but I still have it for when I go somewhere and don't need a huge bag.
  7. My oldest one is from June 2005. Since it is pink, I only use it in the summer.
  8. I got this bag back in possibly 1995. It was a limited edition type of leather. It was water-proof...does anybody remember this bag or anything about it?:confused1:

    It was the start of my HUGE obsession!!!
    COACH photos 036.JPG
  9. I also have this one too. I can't even remember what year I might have gotten it.
    COACH photos 038.JPG
  10. My first Coach I bought in 2006 and it was the medium signature duffle, #10403 Sadly I sold it to fund for my new addiction and I was loving the new ones.. but I should have kept her just for sentimental reasons and it was a great bag. :cry:
  11. I still have a station bag that I bought from the outlet when I was in college in *cough* 1992! It still looks great!
  12. I have this bag in red and blue. I couldn't part with it as hubby bought it for me I would guess about 4 years ago...I started using for the gym. It inspires me to workout.

  13. The oldest bag in my closet is my first Coach bag, a fairly plain gray leather shoulderbag w/a zip top. It was purchased for me by my then boyfriend (now DH!) around 1985-1986. Ive been a Coach girl ever since.
  14. I am carrying the oldest bag in my Coach collection today! It is a Soho tote, #9544, in black. I love this bag! I carried it to the boutique one day before Christmas and the SA wanted it! Here is the drilldown pick.

  15. I am a newbie when it comes to collecting Coach. My oldest bag is a 2005 Soho Optic Signature Hobo with Ladybug Appliqué. It is something I really never use now because it is very small but, I still love it. :love: