What is the official name of this bag?

  1. I want to look up pictures of someone modeling one and am not sure of the official name. Is it the Shoulder Bag?

    OOps I'll get a pic up in a minute.
  2. Here ya go,

  3. legacy shoulder flap
  4. Thank's Court!
  5. anytime! it's a cute bag, it's kinda small, but its really cute
  6. I got one for a steal off eBay...it's like the 'grown up Demi" heheh
  7. I'm looking at one for around $90 is that a good price? I'm thinking it is.
  8. I think so
  9. Pretty! :drool: I don't know the retail, but for a legacy bag, that sounds like a great price! :tup:
  10. The retail is $258, so you're getting a great deal! :tup:
  11. I have that bag, too, and I :heart: it! I like deweydrop's description, a "grown up demi." That fits the bag very well! :yes: