What is the normal store process to handle defective merchandise?

  1. Just curious. Do they normally just take a look at it in the store and give you a replacement or do they have to send it in to first determine it?? What accounts for the difference? I know of both situations that have happened.

    Also, what determines whether they will replace it for you or make you send it in for repairs? It seems there is no continuity with LV policy sometimes. Like there was one purse forumer who brought in a few months old wallet and they made her send it in for repairs. It came back from repairs but 2 months later it had problems again and when they brought it in the manager said if they had brought it in earlier (they were now past 1 year mark) she couldve replaced it for them but since its been more than a year.... she couldnt. :Push: :shrugs:
  2. From my own experience I'll say the manager makes the call as to give you a new one or repair it. I bought a Mini monogram Pochette Kathleen and the buckle holes on the strap shows some cracks after a few months, I brought it in , she looked at it and decided it's a defect and exchanged a new one for me.:shrugs: