What is the nicest compliment you've received wearing your Chanel Bag?

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  1. I borrowed this topic from another forum and thought it would be nice to start it here in Chanel...I know there was one before where we all shared our stories about the negative comments we've gotten and I thought it would be nice to share some of the positive ones :smile:

    My nicest compliment was an older lady telling me you're the prettiest young girl I've ever seen wearing a Chanel bag....Clearly she's in need of a new pair of glasses, lol, but it was very sweet of her to say!
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  2. I love this thread! There are threads about negative comments people receive, so why not have the opposite?

    I don't receive many comments about My handbags. I tend to have A resting you know what face so I think people feel intimidated, so nothing more than admiring stares and the occasional comment. But My mother in law who doesn't care about bags at all and has no idea about what Chanel is commented on how beautiful my black GST is. She has an eye for quality I guess :smile:
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  3. No one around me - personally or professionally - cares much about bags which is nice. And though I can be pretty girly, I don't really socialize with any girly / fussy types. So people will say my red Chanel is a pretty color. But I've never heard a peep on any of my other Chanels.
  4. This is not the nicest but slightly funny.

    A teller at my bank saw me with this bag


    and commented, "I like your bag! It's like a sweater!"
  5. My friend always tells me how she loves my chanels
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  6. +1
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  7. Actually, that is a very nice comment- guessing it means it's cosy and comfortable. I like your bag too.:love::love:
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  8. A woman saw my bag from across the T J Maxx parking lot and sprinted over to get a better look and ask me about it. She was waving and saying "excuse me..", at first I thought she needed help or her car broke down.

    This one..

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  9. My hairdresser was a huge Chanel fan, and she had two herself. When I got my reissue she INSISTED that I bring it in for my next appointment and we had some fun moments oohing and aaahing over it! It was nice to have someone who I could have a 'brag session' and be excited with since, like most of the other people posting here, none of my close friends or coworkers really knew much or cared about Chanel.
  10. I've gotten the most compliments on my vintage double flap maxi, which has a flap on both sides. Mostly that it's so unique and no one has ever seen that style before.
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  11. Someone said I had a nice bag :P
  12. This is such an interesting topic. Yesterday l was going out with a friend of mine for a concert and after dressing up and completing my look with my favourite Chanel bag( iredecent boy bag) I went to say bye to hubby and one look at me he was like you look amazing and I replied ok thanks and I was going to go and he was like you look stunning and that bag really suits you a lot. For a minute I thought he was pulling my leg bcos he usually never gets it right in the compliment department then realised he's actually serious and I had to laugh bcos I realised after 14years he still can surprise me. :blush:
  13. "Nice/beautiful/pretty bag! Such a classic"

    Usually from the people into handbags and fashion, as they're wearing designers too.
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  14. +1

    i notice the only compliments i get come from other women who seem fashionable/pretty. and it's just a generic "i like your bag"
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  15. I don´t blame her!
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