What is the next MAC color and when?

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  1. I am surprise i have not yet spotted any MAC in the current cruise 09 collection (Peacock, Fawn, Rose, and Sunshine). How awesome would a MAC be in anyone of these colors...

    So it leads me to wonder why RM is not making any MAC this season.. When is it gonna come back? In what colors?
  2. No, I believe there are no MAC's for Resort and Cruise. Don't know about Spring.
  3. When the cruise line sheet was accidently posted on the forum a few months ago, it did show on there that MACs would be included. I guess RM changed her mind :shrugs:
  4. I know that a MAC will be coming out in Latte...this is very similar in some ways to Fawn, so maybe that explains why there are no cruise collection MACs. LB should have the Latte MAC.
  5. Mmm...Latte may need to be my first MAC. :yes:
  6. beemer: You go, girl! ITA that Latte would be a fantastic neutral...if Fawn is any indication whatsoever...
  7. I don't have a MAC, but I have been seeking one out. I'm not sure what colour I'd like, but Latte sounds so pretty!
  8. Latte.... sounds yummy! Would it be more of a dusty color?
  9. I don't know...but I bet that it wouldn't be as delicate as the dusty leather I get the sense that even though it was a gorgeous neutral and had silver HW, the dusty didn't sell as well because of the finicky leather. I bet it will have more of a warm yellow undertone as well.
  10. which hardware will these new MACs have?
  11. I'd love a tomato MAC with old brass hw and short tassels.
  12. I want to see the Lapis and the Steel!!!!
  13. I would like a MAC too. They've really grown on me. I need a nice cross body bag.
  14. That would be my DREAM BAG...the only thing better for me would be a basketweave tomato MAB!!!