What is the next LV bag you plan to buy...

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  1. I got the regular wallet but love it so much I’ve been side eyeing this one too! Even the regular one I’ve carried out of a bag multiple times, it looks so good!
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  2. Yes... are they naming it Sac Plat? My store doesn’t know much about it yet. I adore the Sac Plat shape, I juts hope the compartment thing doesn’t make it significantly less functional.


    I like this little thing too.

  3. Is that larger bag in the eclipse design???
  4. It’s this

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  5. Wishful thinking I guess! Thank you for clearing that up for me!
  6. I don’t mind it but there’s no way that fabric will stand up to daily wear and tear. And I’m sure it’ll be $$$$
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  7. probably this one...
    what do you think
    about it?

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  8. There's a "powder white" taurillon monogram sac plat for sale at the moment but the handles look slightly different. M53265. Blue would be a lot more practical...
  9. Speedy or noe bb or clunybb
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  10. I'd really like the Alma BB. I've wanted it for such a long time then always ended up getting something else. I'd love to get it in DE. However I do change my mind a bit and wonder if i should get it in Epi Leather in Noir. I keep changing my mind between the two. I also keep wondering which one is more durable as I would use the bag pretty frequently I think.
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  11. Not laughing at all. I have two classic speedys that I love. They are classic for a reason!
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  12. Agreed. I love my Speedy 30 in DE.
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  13. Pochette felicie in either epi cherry berry or metallic vernis that will launch soon
  14. I so want the PM in Scarlet and the Victorine wallet to match. I love the blue/red of this bag. I had a speedy in the cerise but the red was not crisp enough for me. It had a little orange undertone that was not my favorite.
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  15. Hopefully the Multi Pochette!