What is the next LV bag you plan to buy...

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  1. speedy B 30 in DA or pochette metis in pink color. Can't decide :biggrin:
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  2. My next one will be the world tour speedy 30 with black handles and one initial on it, no sticker. Then the world tour neverfull with black handles and one initial.
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  3. I really want Vavin in Empreinte! I may do the chain wallet (lighter on the pockets and smaller/lighter for a night out too).
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  4. Neverfull DA with beige interior - just trying to decide between MM and GM
  5. My next bag will be a MWT speedy (BLACK TRIM). I can't decide on initials only or a sticker. I have a big decade birthday in the fall and want a marker item.
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  6. I’m thinking an Alma bb in rose ballerine.

    I haven’t fully decided yet though. I have an Alma bb in noir and one in ivory so not sure if I need another.

    But rose ballerine is so pretty.
  7. Definitely not the colour as I also have a navy blue bag with shw (Prada galleria in baltico). It's the shape (and perhaps maybe combined with the PM size) that gave me the certain mature look.

    The 2 people I've mentioned earlier saying about the bag looking too "mature" on me was because of the shape. One said the bag shape was too reminiscent of the old vintage doctor leather bag :lol: and it doesn't help that her grandma has a bag with this shape, so her seeing me carrying the bag was "it makes you look old!".

    The 2nd person said the shape of the alma takes away the "youth" from my face/look. He seen the bag on someone else and thought they look fine. But with me (or my face) somehow...:no:

    I definitely agree the Alma is a timeless beauty. All my luxury bag collections are iconics and classic colors. I would have thought my black Chanel classic flap would be the one that makes me look grown-up but after trying on the Alma PM, it made me look older beyond "grown-up" :lol:

    I still have yet to visit the the store to have another look and try adding a bag charm to it :smile:
  8. I’d love to get a twist chain wallet. A more practical purchase might be a speedy b in DE though... :girlsigh:
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  9. I’ve had my eye on a Neonoe for awhile, I can’t decide if I want mono or DA...
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  10. Maybe speedy b25 DE
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  11. and after this she switched from propriano to a „like new“ chanel gst (caviar/silver).
    the times they are a-changing. :smile:
  12. You will all laugh but I am so in love with the original Speedy have in DA now want it in the monogram.
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  13. I can't even think that far ahead. I tend not to buy a ton of bags per season, but I just purchased 2 On The Go bags and a pre-loved Sutton Vernis this summer. My next LV probably will be a pair of boots I've been lusting over. I just have to get over the sticker shock: louis-vuitton--AHJQ2BSC78_PM2_Front view.jpg
  14. Whatever this gets named.

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  15. That’s the revised Sac Plat from the men’s collection (note the VA chain detail).