What is the next LV bag you plan to buy...

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  1. Take a look at the FW thread here: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/lv-fall-winter-19-20.1006505/
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  2. new wave bum bag :drool:
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  4. I am planning to buy the Reverse pochette metis, when the wating list opens :smile::smile:
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  5. I know :sad: Which is why I'm so torn! I love the style, but my CA also estimates it to be around $4000 CAD (the Mini Luggage is $4600 CAD) and I just don't know about the price tag for a bag like this especially since it'd be the cutest hand held but that vachetta handle is making me anxious. I just bought another bag with similar luggage shape and about 5% of the cost soooooo having second thoughts!
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  6. Phew that’s quite a bit for a bb bag. Otherwise it seems to be nearly same craftsmanship as for the bigger size. But still ...

    I understand that you are a bit nervous because of the handle. I never owned a vachetta bag, so I only know from tpf what to expect.

    Btw. I hope it will fit a phone and a big wallet like the Emilie. Aaaand I hope i don’t have to stalk for it when it should come on my wishlist.
  7. From the runway photos it looks like a small bag, but not so small that it won't fit anything. I'm fairly confident that it would fit phone, a wallet plus more.
    I have quite a few vachetta bags (including an all-vachetta Coach Borough) and I'm comfortable with using vachetta, but I prefer bags that can be carried on the crook of arm rather and in my hand. If I want to hand carry the Luggage BB I don't think that's a handle suitable for sticking my arm through. We'll see though, I think I will still waitlist and wait to see it in person to decide.
  8. For summer...either a Favorite MM or a Félicie. For fall/winter... a Mélie or a Siena MM.
  9. I was not really planning on buying another bag before my vacation in august but somehow the artycapucines were launched and I ended up ordering one. I’m still waiting for the onthego reverse so it will be interesting to see which one arrives first.
  10. Neverfull MM in DE. I’ll just be over here on ban island until Christmas. :wave:
  11. I just bought a pre-loved Mono NF GM! It's on its way to me now. :smile:
  12. Neverfull MM in DE with rose ballerine interior.... :heart:
  13. Preloved Cabas mezzo MIF 2011 on its way to me now
  14. Keepall 45 B Monogram Macassar Canvas - do i travel? No, but I want it! :smile:
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  15. My Propriano is waiting for me to pick up on Friday!!!