What is the next LV bag you plan to buy...

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  1. not yet. we want to go to a LV shop next month (in our holidays).
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  2. Alma epi leather MM in navy blue. But I've been told by 2 people separately that the bag looks too "mature" for me, so I've been and still contemplating!!
    - Good friend of mine who've agreed with all bags that I've bought so far...for the first time disagree with the Alma saying it makes me look dated.
    - A Prada SA who said to me "Don't you think it is a little too old for you?". (We were having a convo about my bag collections and what's next to my list)

    I did try on the bag and it does give me a certain mature look :sad: I am usually a casual jeans and tshirt girl. Can someone help share their opinions? Is it a "mature" looking bag? And do you need to dress a certain style like casual chic just so you can carry off this bag?
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  3. Id really love the pochette metis in reverse mono but thats a long shot unless I buy preloved
  4. The next bag I’m going to buy is the reverse onthego. I’m still waiting for my store to finally receive it.

    I think the alma in epi works well in a casual and more formal setting and I would not call it a mature bag. All that matter is that you love the bag. Maybe you could dress it up with a bandeau or a bag charm?
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  5. I am planning to get what is missing with my MC Collection. A black MC Alma... crossfingers!
  6. I am going on vaca at the end of the month . We have to get to the Montreal airport ( 6 hours drive) so I asked my hubby to take me to a LV store there . I have my fingers crossed for a Graceful PM in DE or Siena PM in DE . It will be my first purchase in store. :smile: I want a bag that I can have my hands free, care free and a little more spacious for my essentials . I am so excited ! :nuts:
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  7. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to add a bag charm to the Alma on my next visit. And perhaps dress casual formal and see how it looks :smile:
  8. Do you think the Alma in generell could look mature or in the blue epi? I think it’s a timeless beauty that can be worn casual and formal (as emsidee already said) I have an Alma BB in vibrant red vernis. Due to the size and color it’s not really comparable to your bag but let me say that I really love the shape and it gets lots of compliments.

    It’s probably not the most trendy piece you can get at the moment but I wouldn’t call it outdated or mature. I think it’s a classic.
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  9. I agree with your friends on this one. The Indigo is a very sedate color and the MM is on the large side. I had an indigo Alma PM and found it just too somber and sold it--and I'm much older.

    Alma itself is a timeless stunning bag, but you do have to get the right size and color for it to work especially if you're younger.
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  10. Yes, great choice on The Go!
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  11. What it’s not is trendy. I don’t think it’s so much “mature” as it is classy and classic. I’ve never seen a person with one and thought it was too anything for them, whether they were dressed in jeans or a suit, young or not. I love the Epi Alma.
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  12. Well, I had planned to not buy any more bags until the Luggage BB comes out. But now I'm having second thoughts and just sprung on an eBay find that's d/c'ed... will post when I receive it.
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  13. how is the quality on the PM in Noir? Hoping to get the braided Noir PM! :smile:
  14. Luggage BB sounds very interessting. do you have pictures already?
    i'm planning to buy my first monogram bag and liked the mini luggage, but it is way too bulky for me. i love mini and nano bags as long as they carry a phone :smile:
  15. I feel the same way about certain bags! I don’t own any bags with the top handles because I feel like look too mature for me. I have the Palm Springs mini and PM, the pochette Métis, the neonoe, and the felicie because those bags seem very casual and they feel more like my style.
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