What is the next LV bag you plan to buy...

  1. Mine will be the Saleya pm and then a new epi bag in the new color that is coming out. I think its going to be a purple. I am considering a lockit.
  2. Damier speedy 30.
  3. Hopefully my next bag will be something from the Cherry Blossom collection. Currently looking for a brown/pink retro in good condition at a good price- and it's not looking so good so far.
  4. I kind of feeling content with my current LV bag collection, although I do want a Keepall w/ strap in 50 or 55, so that most likely will be my next LV bag.
  5. It all depends on what catches my eye in the next few months.....I know for SURE I want an Azur Neverfull.....
  6. a small messenger :graucho:
  7. My next one would be the Berkeley! I was told it's coming out in late January, can't wait! :wlae:
  8. I want a bosphore pm. Unfortunately it is sold out on LV site and elux...
  9. Honestly, there aren't any bags that I HAVE to have right now...but I think in the future I'll go for a Damier Azur Speedy 30 or a Damier Saleya PM...
  10. Something from the Azur line. I'm not sure what though...I'll have to see them and hold them before I make a decision.
  11. Depending one what the new vernis and epi looks like, one of those.
    Failing that, Damier Papillon 30!
  12. Wow lots of you guys want something from the Azur :smile:...

    I am really wanting the Alma Voyage MM and plan on getting that the Suhali Lockit MM or Nomade Lockit Vertical. I am probably going to get the Voyage first though... I love that in the summer time the mono will catch the eyes of its beholders very quickly.
  13. mono petit noe - have ordered and now waiting for it :biggrin:. after which suhali lockit pm in black :love: .... i'm trying to make this my year 2009 purchase but seriously i'm wondering can i hold out till then :p
  14. a mono handheld but can't decide which one.
  15. Damier Ebene Neverfull