What is the next Chanel bag you would love to buy now?

  1. I know we do threads regarding our wishlist from time to time but I'm just curious what everyone is yearning for these days?
    Mine would have to be dark silver luxe bowler or flap.

  2. More money! There's just too darn many Chanels to choose from!:hysteric:
  3. ^^ Indeed!! I'm loving the soft and chain pochette that Jill just picked up. I'm still not sold on the flaps - even though they fit the bill for what I "need" - an elegant evening bag, that is.
  4. spylove22 - a silver luxe flap is on its way to me as we speak, not sure if it's the same color as dark silver?? Regardless, that's my last purchase, I am on a 100% cold turkey ban right now. But if I wasn't, I think I'd love to add a re-issue to my little Chanel family...
  5. I'm very new to Chanel. I currently have a large black cambon tote with black patent CC's on it's way to me (I love my family), and now I'm thinking I want to get a GST. I'm just unsure if I want gh or sh. It will be a while before I can afford it though.
  6. alot!!! I want everything from Chanel thats pretty!!! My next purchase will be the PST (square box one) if my sales can locate a black with SH for me...
  7. I just bought the ultimate soft medium bag :yahoo:
  8. Red classic flap or light beige GST.
  9. So bad with bag names, but the new darker red lambskin bag is just gorgeous, I would love that one! :yahoo: but doubt that I will get that lucky :p
  10. a classic flap!
  11. I want the new Black Expandable Tote - hoping Sak's gets them in for EGC event!!!
  12. jumbo caviar flap is next on my list
  13. I'm yearning for A black or Light Beige GST, and maybe another Jumbo flap this time in Violet.
  14. Well, the denim Cabas is certainly on my list, and other than that, there was an absolutely perfect bag at the NM trunk show here that I tried on and fell in love with. The SA told me it was $3175, I think? :wtf: So I'm scared, you guys because I think I'll end up getting it anyway. If anyone can help with the name of the bag, I'd be grateful. It's obviously a new bag and it was black calfskin with silver hardware. Large tote-like with a chain strap but a leather top on the shoulder. Help!
  15. mine would be an original caviar coco cabas in larger or even exta large...
    i'm totally obsessed with this style :yes: