What Is The Next Celebrity "it" Bag For 2006?


Nov 27, 2005
For 2005 the celebrity "IT" bags were the chloe paddington, followed by the fendi spy, and finally the marc jacobs stam.

I've gotten some insight for 2006, could it be the YSL "Muse"? The Chloe "Edith"? or the new variation on the chloe paddington.

ANY THOUGHTS??? :idea:
I definitely think that the gaucho is in the running. It's been mentioned before in a previous thread that the Fendi B bag might be as well. I think the gaucho is gorgeous, and such a unique shape; it really stands out to me. I have a feeling people are going to be all over it, and the B bag as well, this spring because they're so different.
yeah, the gaucho gets my vote too. i'll have to wait for neiman and elux to update their sites and show the entire summer collection so i can make another guess.