What is the new LV it bag...

  1. I own the broadway bag, muskete bag, and the Speedy 30 but still feel incomplete with my collection! I wAnt a statement LV bag. What do ya'll prescribe?
  2. What about the watercolour speedy that's coming out ? :yes:
  3. Think the mono "it" bag is the Tivoli, which still people are still waiting for and for the damier line think the bag right now it is the Trevi. Those are the regular bags vs the spring and limited editions bags
  4. if you want a statement bag then it's got to be one of the S/S bags anything from the pulp, jokes, bon bon or the hugely popular watercolor
  5. I think the new watercolour Speedy will be very popular.
  6. I agree with the Watercolor Speedy. HOTTTTT!!
  7. Got me thinking of the watercolor speedy..but 1200 man
  8. ^ that's a steal really!
  9. AGREED!
  10. tivoli!
  11. I think an 'it" bag as the Tivoli because it has a long waitlist. A 'statement' bag something from the LE or spring/summer collection like the watercolor speedy. They are all so beautiful!
  12. Another vote for the watercolor speedy!!
  13. I find the graduated Jokes bag quite beautiful. Also the new Mahinas are highly anticipated.
  14. ^^^
    or either the Tivoli PM or GM
  15. I like the Weekender PM. Go for that one!