What is the new 2008 Epi color going to be?

  1. I have fallen in love with the Epi line. Its so classy. I love the mono line but I have found that in some cases its better for me to carry something a little more understated to work. You know a bag that doesn't scream "I am an expensive high end designer bag".

    Anyway I have a black tote and a 30 speedy. I would like a bag in another color (other than white). I heard a rumor a purple is coming out. Has anyone heard?
  2. I haven't heard anything but that would be nice.
  3. I am not sure but I heard it will be purple or purple shades like violet etc... I hope its going to be purple in speedy or lockit:smile:)))))
  4. ohhh i think i've also read that somewhere..purple epi...that would be interesting!
  5. Very interesting! I'm waiting in anticipation!:rolleyes:
  6. Ohhh! I'd love it if LV came out with a grape colored Epi line! I'm absolutely head-over-heels in LVoe with everything Epi, and grape is one of my favorite colors.
  7. i hope LV will made the purple pink color
  8. Don't make me drool! I'm kinda dissaopinted with the new vernis colour, so maybe there will be a richer purple in epi?
  9. Yes I spoke to my SA at Short Hills and he said that the purple epi is coming out around Feb pics should be available after new years
  10. Ughh, did you see my post? I called the 866 # & was told no new epi color. I can't figure out what is what. If it's true, I sure hope it's different than the violette vernis. I was hoping for a rich, royal purple!!
  11. Malaya, did your SA say what kind of purple it would be?? I hope it's a darker purple--- a plum would be absolutely delicious!!
  12. there will be 2 new epi colors. one is dark purple, the other one is kinda pink.
  13. Woooh!! Cute!
  14. I wish they'd make a true navy bag, but I'm boring that way. I'm thinking of buying a mandarin piece off eBay. I wonder why there's so much inconsistency in getting an answer from LV on this epi color.
  15. Are you sure about the pink epi? When will it be out?