What is the name/style of this Chanel (pics)

  1. MY SA sent this bag yesterday, it was such a good price...I bought it unseen and not knowing the exact style.

    Does anyone know what the name and style of this bag it? Does anyone own it and would mind sharing your experience with it (you like it, easy to wear, easy to hold, easy to scratch?, etc.)?

    thanks in advance!
    brownchaneltote3.JPG brownchaneltote.JPG
  2. From the leather and the chain, I wonder if this is from the Perfect Day ligne? I am no expert by any means...what does the tag say?
  3. I saw this in the NM sale. The piece had a lot of scratches on it so be carefee. I dunno the style but from the items from that sale, it was all Fall 2006. Good price!
  4. outdoor ligne i suppose
  5. I have seen a few of these on eBay and suspect the sellers got them on sale. It looks like an offshoot of the Outdoor collection without the diamond stitching. I really like it! Is it black or brown? Price?? The n/s shape looks like it will be comfy on the shoulder, but I wonder if everything will fall to the bottom making it difficult to get things in and out?

    You have a fab s/a for keeping you in the loop!
  6. does anyone know what ligne or the name of this chanel bag?
  7. it is medium sized with silver hardware and leather woven chain and the bottom is made out of a cream color woven cotton material. If anyone knows the name of this Chanel please let me know. Thank you-
  8. Thanks! I feel very lucky about my SAs. The bag is dark brown, and it is actually in amazing shape. Practically scratch-free. I think I got it for $700 but I can't find where my SA hid the receipt (it wasn't visible in the shipping box). It's slim and very structured , the leather is smooth but not squishy. The weight is not heavy, pretty amazing considering the chains. It's very nice brushed silver (nickel?).

    I'm posting more pictures for you to enjoy...
    browntotechain.JPG browntoteexterior.JPG browntoteinterior.JPG
  9. Wow $700! Whatever ligne it's from that's an amazing deal! Do you know the dimensions?
  10. Actually, I thought about it last night because it was reminding me of something I just couldn't put my finger on, but I thought I saw a bag with this leather, structure and closure (not sure about the handles) on eBay a while back and they said it was from something like the country riding ligne...I know that's not exactly it, but maybe that might jog someone's memory?
  11. Wow! That's a very nice bag!
  12. Is this bag still available ANYWHERE? Do you have the style number?

    Thanks! I'm looking for my first Chanel and this may be it!
  13. thats a great bag.
    Good luck with your search :smile: