What is the name/style # of this bag?

  1. Hi All,

    I am just wondering if anyone knows the name and style # of this bag. I saw it on someone's avatar and it looks like a Coach bag and seems similar to Gigi, but with one pocket. Thanks girls!
  2. Ok, so I can't get the picture to show up so I will just have to describe it. Again, it looks like the Gigi, but has only one pocket on the front. The tPFer who has it as their avatar is 'twosirius' (they haven't been on since July though). The bag is brownish color and looks like it might be a Legacy piece.

    Thanks again if anyone knows what bag I am talking about here! :p
  3. Its the Legacy slim tote. I would check eBay for her!
  4. [​IMG]

    Legacy Slim Tote
    # 10650
  5. Yes, thats it! Thanks ladies! Does anyone have this bag? If so, do you like it?
  6. I have the 65th anniversary bag, a little different but same shape/concept. I 120% love it! The shape and style is perfect for me. So I think you'll love the Legacy slim tote. Hope you find what your looking for!

    Here's mine. My favorite bag ever!

  7. I have the straw version. Jessica Alba has the larger version of mine! :nuts:


    I love love LOVE this bag! I got it at the Vacaville outlet May 2007 for $135! It's so pretty! I love carrying it. I only use it during the warm seasons because it's made of straw, you're not supposed to get it wet. But I love it because it's an open tote (which I love because then it's easy to access your wallet and stuff when you're shopping), and I can either wear it on my shoulder or in the crook of my arm. Honestly, this style is absolutely perfect for me.

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  8. Thanks for posting these pictures! It really is a cute bag!