What is the name/price of this Chanel bag?

  1. Hello, I would appreciate some help.

    Unlike my other purses, I bought this one used and know nothing about it. It came with no paperwork and was advertised as a vintage bag.

    I was hoping you bag divas could supply me with any information so I can get an idea of what I have on my hands here.

    1. Does it have a name?

    2. When was it produced?

    3. Is it still available?

    4. What was/is the retail price?

    The number on the sticker inside the bag is 5007471.

    Thanks ahead of time for any guidance. Hugs xxoo
  2. do you have a photo for us?
  3. Sorry for that blonde moment. I forgot the attachment. Here is the photo. Thanks for your help!
  4. Beautiful bag! Hopefully one of the experts here can help with some information. You can also look in the reference library and the serial number will help you figure out the approximate age.
  5. I think that seahorsenstripes may have a black patent leather version of it?? You may be able to ask her more about it!
  6. The serial number indicates that this is from the end of the 90's and is no longer made. Don't know retail price back then and the older bags didn't really had names like we have today.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your beautiful tote!
  7. Sorry, it was Beautylicious who has the black patent and she already posted a response!:shame:
  8. Thanks for your help. I will try to find it elsewhere on this site. A mystery bag! lol. :smile: