What is the name of Vic's Bag?

  1. I am at a block... can anyone help me with this black patent bag?

    victoria beckham bag.jpg
  2. nice bag!maybe is chanel!
  3. I would say gucci but I'm probably wrong.
  4. it's the gucci boston bag
  5. ^^^ :yes:
  6. OT: but after seeing her w/her long hair there, i realize the short hair is VERY flattering on her :smile:
  7. great bag, too much cleavage LOL
  8. I'm not usually a Gucci fan, but love that bag.
  9. that is what i thought... too much cleavage... love patent and this bag is nice
  10. thanks ladies. I use to be a huge Gucci fan about 5-7 years ago, however have completely gone off the brand. I do love this bag though I have to say.
  11. I believe she has forgotten to button her blouse. *s
  12. I believe thats called silicone. Oh wait, you meant the bag, not bags... not sure.
  13. def. gucci around 1700 at the time?