what is the name of this ....

  1. Vif Argent
  2. thanks so much!
  3. No problem!

    I love this one (I love just about anything with a contrast hem!)

  4. I agree^^. That one is gorgeous!
  5. Me too, TANGLE!!! I'm a gonner when I see a contrasting hem.
  6. Someone on here (sorry can't remember who) gave us a great hint on how to find scarf names if using Internet Explorer.

    Go to "View" at the top nav and choose "Source". Click Cntrl + F (or Edit>Find) and put in "Long" in the search box. At the 2nd instance of the word "long" you will find "Long Description" and the name of the scarf.

    It's so great to have this tool so we can know what the darn scarf is called. I don't know why this info isn't displayed on the site itself. :confused1:
  7. Excellent tip! I never thought of reading the source code :biggrin:

    Thanks! :flowers: