What is the name of this stone?

  1. Does anyone know the name of this stone? :shrugs:
    It's a fuschia colour instead of red (doesn't show well in the photo).
  2. Rubellite toumaline? Pink toumaline?
  3. Hard to tell by the photo, and the fact that it is tumbled smooth. Could be just about anything. Jasper, agate, carnelian, bloodstone, and garnet are some red/pinkish stones (besides pink tourmaline, which was mentioned).
  4. Dunno...cherry quartz?
  5. Could you get a better, brighter photo? More light perhaps? That might help.
  6. These are the best photos I could take. At least the colour looks right this time.
    stone1.JPG stone2.JPG
  7. Those are much better photos. Thanks!

    I'd say they were a dyed quartz of some sort. Cherry quartz isn't a "real" stone, but a man made glass and this doesn't really have the right look of cherry "quartz" to me. Anytime "quartz" has quotes around it, it's not real quartz.

    But this looks more like a dyed stone of some sort. It's a great color!
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