what is the name of this silver H bag

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  1. Can somebody tell me the name of this silver H bag? Has it always been around?!:flowers: [​IMG]
  2. 365, I think it's been around a few years, but not sure exactly how long.
  3. That's IT! That's the bag I saw the other day and fell all over myself for!!!! I saw it in Black Evergrain and this bag is just TDF!!!!! The construction is amazing! You should see the interior!!!! I think this bag in Black is elegant, chic and understated. The ONLY problem I see with it is the square handle which can become a little uncomfortable....oh, this bag is lovely IRL, girls!!!
  4. uh......it's also $5K here in the States......
  5. Yowch!!! :Push:
  6. shopmom you can ignore my question on the 365 bag in an earlier thread. I assume that it is more of a formal bag?

    I wonder why it's called 365?! It's actually cuter IRL, although I am not sure I have it on my TDF list. Maybe it's another H bag that I will grow to love?!
  7. TG.......it's definately not a casual, run-around-town bag which is why I passed on it (I have my Kelly Elan for that) It's a luncheon, go-out-to-dinner or the opera or ballet type bag. Gorgeous IRL. Just stunning in black with the gold hardware. Elegant.
  8. Hermesgroupie, I knew you would be the first with the name!:yes:
  9. Like the bag
  10. Does anyone know..:confused1:

    TIA! :flowers:
  11. ^because it's an everyday bag?

    I dont' know..just kidding! I am curious about the answer, too!
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. That is adorable! I would love to see other pictures of it!!
  14. It's cute, but kind of reminds me of those steel lunch boxes you seen often used by construction workers!
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