What is the name of this satchel?

  1. What is the name of the handheld Chanel satchel (similar in style to the Speedy), with Chevron (V markings on it) with a CC in the middle?

    Sorry I don't have a picture.
  2. I can't think of what style you're talking about, anyone know?
  3. I think I know the name...on the tag it says "Sac Divers", does this sound familiar?
  4. no idea?
    Did you Google that tag name?
  5. MJ has a Chevron bag but I don't recall Chanel having one.
  6. I didn't Google the name, that is what it says on the Chanel tag. It is not a fake as I bought it from the Chanel boutique at NM (even the box has a picture of the bag and says "Sac Divers".

    While I couldn't find an exact picture of my bag, this one is very similar from Ebay. ALthough, mine does not have 4 screws, it does have two on each side of the hand held handle. ALso rather than a normal quilted pattern, it has a quilted Cheron pattern with the CC logo on it.

  7. Oh I think I may have seen this in white but not sure. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for it? Also, is it a shoulder bag or handheld? I think the one I saw was larger and only handheld.
  8. Hi,

    I paid $1225.00 and it is only handheld. I realized after I posted that the one I have the zipper curves down the side of the bag, whereas the ebay picture shows put of the bag flaps (wings or whatever you want to call it) coming almost flaring upwards, which is why I said my style is more LV Speedy 30ish looking.
  9. Is this the bag you are talking about! Here is a pic of mine but not sure what it's called besides Chevron bowler.

    my chanel.jpg
  10. YES, THAT IS IT! Crap, I was curious what the name of it was? The tag on the bag does not good! I say on Ebay it was listed as the Vogue Handbag, but not sure.

    Thanks for posting your pic!

    How do you like your bag?
  11. I love it! It's beautiful leather and pretty roomy! But right now it's in its dustbag because I am using my Luxury bowler bag in metalllic black - the on in my avatar. But the Chevron is definitely a great bag!